God created us to love and be loved by others. This happens best in smaller settings like classrooms & living rooms. That's why we want everyone to be part of a group. Groups may focus on study, prayer, fellowship, service or hobbies, but they will all actively take part in caring for each other. 

Classes happen on Sunday mornings from 9am - 10:10am

  • Young Adults (Room 203) - Tom & Gail Branch/Kenneth & Lisa Stewart, 
  • Adults (Room 201) - Dave Dunson
  • Adults (Room 202) - Dane Tyner
  • Adults (Room 114) - Jerry Wade and Halee Wood
  • Senior High School (Student Union Building)
  • Middle School (Student Union Building)
  • Kids’ Classes & Nursery (Lower Level, Secure Check-in)

Want some help finding a group? 

Email, and let us know that you are interested.