Fall Fun Fest 2020

October 31, 3:00-6:00

Fall Fun Fest is a gift from us to the community.

Come find out why so many people come every year.

FFF is designed for kids and adults!

For any questions, contact our office by phone: 918-627-0783 or by email: info@hptulsa.com

Fall Fun Fest will look a little different this year, but we are excited that we will still be able to offer our friends, family and community a safe, fun event on Halloween! Most importantly, we will be able to love and serve together.


We will be having a drive through event in the parking lot west of the church. We will not be serving any food this year, and candy will be distributed in pre-packed goodie bags. We will have photo booths as well as a place to ask for prayer. 


Sign up to volunteer HERE.   

Read below to learn about the new volunteer roles for this year!

Below we have outlined the different volunteer roles.


Thank you in advance for your help and dedication to this outreach event!

Greeter/Traffic Flow Team:

This is a new role this year and we need LOTS of people for this team! Since we will be having people drive through we need lots of smiling faces to help point and wave people along the correct path, as well as people to give instruction and stop traffic for any walk ups we have attend, etc. We need about 25-30 volunteers for this team. Half the roles are very low contact as far as interaction with other people and half of the roles will require a mid/high level of contact which will require a face mask or shield. We will have clearer guidelines for that closer to the event. 


Candy Distributors:

In years past our trunk or treat team has handed out the candy. This year, we will have pre-made candy bags that we hand to each child. The first “station” they drive by upon entering the event will be the candy stop! We will need 4-5 volunteers to hand candy bags to the cars. Again, this can be split between half the jobs low contact and the other half mid/high contact.


Trunk or Treat Team:

We are still working out some details but we want to really push this team to new levels this year! In past years we have wanted to decorate and make fun, visually appealing trunks but the unspoken focus has really always been on the personal connection of handing out candy and interacting with the kids and adults coming through the line. Trying to guess a child’s costume or pretending that you really just met Superman or Elsa makes the kids feel special! We will not have that element in the same sense this year BUT we can make a fun, special event for them in other ways. We would like to see our “trunks” go up a notch on creativity and decoration! We would also like you to think in terms of a “scene” and not just a costume. If you are interested, please sign up and we will get you more in depth information in the next week or two! We will need 10-12 trunks this year. Also, this will be a very low contact role.


Prayer Area/Tent:

The prayer booth is an amazing addition we have made the past few years and it is one we definitely want to keep even though so much of our event has changed for this year. The prayer area will have a few drive up options and maybe a tent if there is someone who really needs to chat. We are still working out some details, but if you are gifted in this area and want to be available to pray with and for people please sign up for this team! We will need 4-5 people. This area can be a low or high contact role. We will work with you to help you figure out with what scenario you are most comfortable.


Photo Booth Team:

We want to offer families the chance to get pictures of their costumes! What a bummer to get all dressed up and then no one see the costume grandma spent hours sewing (or mom ordered off Amazon!) So we want to have some photo opportunities! We will have at least 3 “booths” so we will need 3 photographers and each photographer will need a helper. The photographer will most likely need to use their own phone to snap pictures and then upload it to highland park’s social media. We are working out those kinks, but if you are savvy with a smart phone this would be a great job for you! If you don’t feel phone savvy but you are interested, let us know and we will help you out! The photographer would be a low contact role and the helper would be a mid/high contact role.



We have always had security in the past and we feel it would be wise to still have a few people whose main concern is safety of our guests and volunteers. You would probably also double a little bit as traffic control. We need at least 4 volunteers for this role. It would most likely be a more low contact role unless a safety issue comes up.


Setup/Decoration team:

We will need lots of hands this year to setup before the event starts. Halloween is on a Saturday this year so we will need help from 12-3pm. The event will go from 3-6pm.