Highland Park (HP) desires to help our multi-ethnic, multi-generational, and diverse socio-economic community Love God, Love Others and Serve Together. We are pursuing these things in our own lives, and equipping others to do the same. It's what we were created for. Every ministry at HP, from children to adults, pursues this vision, and we love to pursue it together. 

Worship Services - To help people Love God

Classes & Groups - To help people Love Others

Ministry Teams - To help people Serve Together in Volunteer Opportunities

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Highland Park Christian Church was established in 1956. Seventeen people attended the first Sunday service on July 1, 1956. Our Partner in Education school, Hoover Elementary, was one year old.

Highland Park was started with the help of the Northeastern Oklahoma Evangelistic Association and the Cincinnati Avenue Christian Church. 

Highland Park’s first meeting place was the 15th Street Community Center followed by the MacArthur Elementary school. Two and a half acres of property were purchased in a “new area” of Tulsa at 31st and Hudson for $13,000! The first building was dedicated on June 21, 1959.

While the facilities have grown and changed, a dedication to worshiping God, studying Scripture, caring for people, partnering with missions work, and providing high quality chidlren's and youth programs has remained.

Don S. “Pappy” Hinkle was Highland Park’s first Minister and he served until 1961. He was followed by LeRoy Veale, David Kelley, BA Austin and David Dunson. In 2009 we completed a transition period in leadership where Brian Jennings, our former Youth Minister, assumed the role of Lead Minister and Dave Dunson transitioned to the role of Pastoral Care Minister. They embrace a "Team Leadership" philosophy, which heightens the roles of all of the Staff members.

about Us

We are an independent non-denominational congregation. Our building is located in Midtown Tulsa, and we desire to love and serve our community well. 


The HPCC family is a group of people from all walks of life whose first loyalty is to Jesus Christ. We accept the Bible as God's Word to us, and we strive to base all decisions on its wisdom. We claim a spiritual kinship with all others who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. We desire to help our multi-ethnic, multi-generational and diverse community find peace with God and each other. 

Our greatest joy comes in being able to assist others in finding Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and in helping them grow in Him. To study what the Bible says about baptism, click here

We are spiritually led by Elders, equipped by staff ministers/directors, and we have deacons, and ministry team leaders who serve and lead others in serving.

Our Partnerships

We believe that it is the church's job to help the physically, emotionally and spiritually poor.

We actively support the following:  

*Note: We partner with some mission teams serving in Central Asia. We must keep some information confidential to protect their safety. 

We also partner with the following organizations through volunteering, prayer and encouragement:

  • Dream of Destiny - fostering multi-ethnic diversity in churches, Bible colleges and ministries
  • By the Hand Club for Kids - Chicago
  • First Christian Church - Chicago
  • Home Improvement Ministry - Bible-based Christian counseling; 5717 E. 32nd St., Tulsa, OK 74135 in the "2:20 Center".
  • Project Elf - Tulsa
  • Happy Hands Education Center, Inc - 8801 S Garnett Rd, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
  • Hoover Elementary (23rd & Darlington; our Partners In Education) 

Bible college students, here's the scholarship application form.