Big time

Big Time 2018 has begun!

What: “Big Time” is a creative Bible adventure that each week aims to engage the senses and entertain! Each time the kids will have a different teacher who will lead them in their adventure. They will get to experience Gym Games with Brian, Cooking with Michelle, Crafts with Hannah, and Animals with John & Phyllis.

When:  Every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

4/4/18- Big Time: Crafts

4/11/18- Big Time: Sports

4/18/18- Big Time: Kid Talk

4/25/18- Big Time: Woodworking

4/29/18- Family Sunday & Children’s Ministry Team Meeting

Where:  The Children’s Area at HPCC!

Why:  To give your kids an outlet of creativity and fun!

Who:  Ages Kindergarten - 5th Grade.

           Nursery provided for Pre-K & under