Indoor service

After receiving helpful feedback from the Tulsa Heath Department and benefitting from diligent work from our Pandemic Response Team, we are hosting an indoor worship service on Sundays at 10:30. We'll continue offering the online worship experience. 

Church is family

The church is not a program or building. The church is family. 

Never in our lifetime has the American church had a better opportunity to model this foundational, Biblical teaching for our kids and friends. Buildings and programs are tools to be used, but the church is the family of God. Our culture pulls us away from this spiritual truth and tempts us to adopt a consumeristic approach to church. When we begin to treat church like a grocery store or amusement park, only going there if it serves all of our preferences, we undercut the teachings of Scripture and proclaim a watered-down, distorted view of God's bride, God's family, the body of Christ. The Elders of HP beg you to refute that destructive temptation. We are family. We are together. 

HP is taking steps to help each service be family-friendly. Some groups are watching the kid-video together and hosting their own Children's Ministry right in their backyard. Other parents are spending extra time teaching their kids. These are good things!!! 

Children's programming is available for kids 5 and under. If you plan to come, please let Michelle know by emailing her at We are hoping to expand childcare in the near future. Understand that this takes enough volunteers who are able to help in this area and enough parents desiring to bring their kids to that environment. As schools reopen in different ways, we think we'll learn a lot in the weeks to come. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for being family. 

If you haven't heard our Call to Action, view it here. 

Guidelines for those who register


Before you come

Take the temperature of everyone in your family Sunday morning. If someone has a fever, your family should stay home and watch online.


If you or anyone in your family have recently tested positive and not completed your doctor-assigned quarantine or if you have a cough, fever, muscle pains, shortness of breath, or sore throat, please stay home and watch online.


If you or anyone in your family has been near someone who has tested positive or is waiting on test results, please stay home and watch online.


If you are “pretty sure it’s just allergies or a cold,” please stay home and watch online. It’s not going to be fun to be sneezing into your mask, and your presence may prompt others to understandably not return.



Please arrive Sunday between 10:15-10:25. The service will begin at 10:30.


If possible, park and enter on the West side of the building. Only park in the East lot if you need to use the elevator.


Ushers will guide you to your seats.



Every adult and child 10 & up will need to wear a mask or face covering over their nose and mouth, except during communion. This protects you some and others even more. Parents, use discernment with younger children. Face coverings should not be placed on children younger than 2 years old. (If you have a special concern, please email and we'll do all we can to accommodate you.) 


We're not going to hug or shake hands. That would drive away people who are on the fence about returning. We don't want people to have to navigate a bunch of, "Can I give you a hug?" questions over the course of the morning. 


Distancing should be observed with the exception of those of same household or family. Parents, you’ll need to keep your kids by your side.


You can bring your own communion or we'll have some pre-packaged ones available too. 


You can give digitally or drop financial gifts in a box.


Sanitizing stations will be available. As a general rule, touch as few of things as possible.


A restroom will be available, but we encourage as little use as possible.


When it’s time to be dismissed, please exit so that our cleaning crew can treat the room. If you’d like to visit with others, we encourage you to do that outside. If you distance outside, it’s fine to remove your mask.


We are limiting this event with the hopes of positive experience so we can keep moving forward.


Thank you.