indoor service

Our Covid policies have been shaped by local health officials, medical professionals from our church, and a desire to love our neighbors as ourselves. We're thankful that vaccinations are proving to be largely effective. Praise God. 

Health officials have determined that masks and distancing is not necessary for vaccinated people in most situations, including church services. We recognize that there are lots of things to balance here. We're doing our best to consider our whole church family, and we'll keep making adjustments as time goes on. So here are some brief updates for our Sunday morning times together: 

The West parking lot is the best place to park, but the East is also available. 

Some people may not be comfortable shaking hands or giving hugs. Let's continue to do awkward fist bumps or enthusiastic waves unless we know differently with each individual. 

If at all possible, those 10 & up can wear masks until they find their seats. If that's not possible for you, that's ok. 

We won't ask anyone to wear a mask once they are seated. However, you are welcome to do so. If you feel that you may be a higher risk to others, please wear a mask or participate online. (For instance, if you haven't been vaccinated yet and spend Saturday at an indoor event with 100 other people in close proximity, it would be considerate to keep the mask on Sunday morning.) 

The overflow area will continue to have tables spread apart with lots of distancing. This is a great option for those who may feel more vulnerable. 

We'll continue to invite anyone to join us for online worship. It will remain interactive with prayer hosts ready to care for those joining. 

If someone has a fever, displays signs of sickness, is coughing, or sneezing but "kinda' sure it's just allergies," they should stay home and participate online.

When it’s time to be dismissed, please exit so that our cleaning crew can clean the room before our friends from PECE (Eritrean Church) meet in our building. If you’d like to visit with others, we encourage you to do that outside. It’s fine to remove your mask outside.
Thank you.