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At Highland Park, we believe that we were made to CARE.

We believe that one of the reasons God put us on the planet is to love this neighborhood. Scroll below to find different forms of help available to you.
  • 220 Center and Food Pantry
  • Crisis Counseling
  • CoVid Help


The 2:20 Food Pantry is continuing to serve our community. We are currently accepting appointments for the dates listed on the calendar below. The Food pantry is open some Saturdays and Wednesdays. We are able to serve residents between Sheridan-Yale, 21st-41st, along with church members, and those referred by Hoover Elementary or ACA.

To make an appointment, just call us at 918-627-0783.

Upcoming 220 Food Pantry Dates


You can bring donations on any Sunday morning (basket upstairs).

To sign up to find out what is needed each month, simply text the keyword 220NEEDS to 918-228-5718 and you will receive texts once or twice a month letting you know of current needs.


What: We desire to give people who need food or other emergency assistance a “hand-up”, so that they can be a help to others. We will meet with people individually, listen, and develop a plan. We may be able to help with groceries, cooking lessons, job and résumé training, and other needs.

Who: We can serve those who live in the area between 21st & 41st, and Sheridan & Yale, as well as HP families and those referred to us by Hoover Elementary. A photo ID, utility bill (within the past 2 months), and Social Security card will be required. 

Where: The 2:20 Center is located at 5717 E 32nd St in Tulsa. It is directly south of our main building. 

Why: The 2:20 Center is funded by Highland Park Christian Church, and works in partnership with the Eastern Oklahoma Community Food Bank. HP exists to help people Love God, Love Others, and Serve Together. Meeting the needs of those in our community is one of the main ways that we are able to pursue this vision. If you are interested in volunteering, please email at

Won’t: We do not provide clothing or furniture, and we do not have cash on hand. Needs that require a financial investment on our part will be limited to our resources and will go through a review process. To see a list of items you can donate, go here.

crisis counseling

In a crisis?
Just need somoene to listen?

We have a team of specially trained "Stephen Ministers," who are able to care for people during their time of crisis. If you think that you might need this kind of care, or if you are interested in learning more about it, call 918-627-0783 or email Dave Dunson at


The 2:20 Center is home to our Food Pantry/Benevolence Ministry, and to Home Improvement Ministry, which is an excellent, Bible-based counseling service. Click here to go to Home Improvement Ministry's website

how to cope with difficult and challenging times

Follow this link to read an article by Prepare Enrich that has great insights to navigate turbulent times. Click here to read about 5 Small Ways You Can Support Each Other Every Day.