Bible engagement is the single greatest predictor of spiritual growth. Yet, the Bible is a big book and people don’t know where to start. We’re going to spend 2021 helping you gain a confident understanding of the key Biblical themes – from beginning to end. We’ve built this plan for seasoned, new, and not-yet Christians. Bible study is for everyone. Here’s how you can participate:

1. Purchase Core52, a devotional book that will guide you through the 52 most influential verses in the Bible (note the reading schedule below). You can get the book in the HP lobby on Sundays (pay in advance here), in your favorite format online, or by calling the office (918-627-0783) and arranging a time to stop by on Mondays or Wednesdays during    business hours. We can hand you the book at the office entrance. Pay in advance here.

2. Prioritize our worship services. Each service will further your study and application of the Bible passage/theme.

3. Participate with others. This season is difficult, so we want to offer many options to grow with others. A Small Group might be one or more families, three friends, and existing small/care group or study, or a virtual group. Groups will meet weekly for 6-8 weeks, take a breather for a few weeks, and then have the opportunity to relaunch. (More info coming soon.)


Yikes! Will I be lost?
  • Mark Moore, the author, is known for his innate ability to help people understand big Biblical truths. This study is for you.

What does a week of devotional reading look like?
  • Monday, read the four-page essay.
  • Tuesday, memorize the core verse.
  • Wednesday, read the core Bible story.
  • Thursday, meditate on three verses with the same core.
  • Friday-Sunday, accomplish the core verse action step.

Can I share a book with others in my family?
  • Yes! If you are married, we encourage you to study with your spouse or at least discuss later.

Is it helpful for kids?
  • It’s great for teens. Older grade school kids could understand almost all of it too. It’s not for younger kids, but you could memorize the key verse with them, read the Bible story with them, and include them on the application.

Why do we go out of order?
  • We wanted to be able to align our sermons with the reading. We also really love letting you sink your teeth into one book for several weeks in a row. With guidance from the author of Core52 and several other churches who’ve done this, we designed a schedule that should be great for HP. We’ve included the reading schedule below and in bookmarks that we’ll distribute on Sundays.


Each chapter of Core 52 includes a week of devotionals. Start the chapter on the date listed. The coinciding sermon will be preached on the following Sunday. Remember to check the list below or download a printable bookmark here because some weeks we will go out of order. As an added option, you can open up the HPTULSA app and tap Bible then Reading Plan and each day's reading is listed or shown if it is Bible verses. 

Spiritual Health Check
8/23/21Is my faith growing?ch. 28
8/30/21Is my leadership clothed
in humility?
ch. 30
9/6/21Is my love expanding?  ch. 31

Tough Questions
9/13/21Can I Lose My Salvation?ch. 36
9/20/21How Do I Know God's Will?ch. 43
9/27/21How Does God Forgive Sins?ch. 45
10/4/21Can The Church Make Peace
In A Polarized World?
ch. 46
10/11/21What Is Heaven?ch. 52

Where's the Beef?
The Meat of the faith

10/18/21Holy Spiritch. 37
10/25/21Baptismch. 39
11/1/21Communionch. 35
11/8/21Mentoringch. 49
11/15/21Scripturech. 50
11/22/21Grit/Perseverancech. 51

The Story of Christmas
11/29/21Worshipch. 34
12/6/21Humilitych. 47
12/13/21Lovech. 33
12/20/21IncarnationCh. 32