covid-19 update (3/23/2022)

HP Family,

Thank you so much for helping us through the difficulties of the past two years. We are eternally grateful.

Based on the guidance from our Pandemic Response Team and health professionals, we are dropping our recommendation to wear masks and distancing for most people. However, anyone is still more than welcome to wear one. Those with vulnerabilities will want to consider this. And keep in mind that some folks may take precautions sometimes out of concern for others.

You need not ever feel guilty about worshipping at home because you don’t feel well, are out of town, or your situation warrants it. We are thankful for the ways that online ministry has helped people connect, engage, grow. That will continue.

We do recognize that habits and patterns were developed over the past 2 years. Some good; some not so healthy. We encourage everyone to think these through. For example:
  • Good habit: Being mindful of not exposing others to any sickness you may have. We’re glad we’ve become more considerate of others in this regard. 
  • Bad Habit: Isolating from relationships and personal interactions even when the options are reasonably safe. God created us to live in community, so we all need pursue ways to do that.  There may be seasons of low spread when you can meet in person, there may be times to sit in our spread-out overflow, and there may be times to worship at home but intentionally interact with others in safe ways. 

Your family, like the church, will probably make adjustments based on a number of things. We just ask that you consider that the habits we form for a while may or may not be the best to keep forever.

We’ll keep asking the Lord for wisdom and each other for grace.