Can a dollar make a difference in someone’s life? Maybe or maybe not. But what if we all put our $1 bills together to bless someone else?

We are always looking for ways to help people who come to us with needs, but we’re open to finding those who don’t come to us with their needs. In this we are able to proactively meet needs. One of the ways that we can plan to do this is with Dollar Difference.

On the first Sunday of the month, we will plan that everyone worshipping with us is going to give one extra dollar. We recognize that some may not, but we believe that most will. They might put an extra $1 bill in the offering box, or they might just add it to their online giving or include it on their check. It will not be designated, and does not need to be marked in any special way.

We will add up the number of people in person and online (including kids). If we have 150 people here, our Dollar Difference Team will know that they have $150 to use to bless someone.

The Team will be talking with Group/Class leaders, and Staff, so that they can learn of needs throughout the church family. They will choose someone whom we can make a difference in their life. They will take precautions to make sure that we can all feel very good about how the money was spent.

On the second or third Sunday of the month, we will let you know how the money was spent, and we can all rejoice. It’s great to be able to help others. We believe that it can be a great thing for HP. Lastly, please note that this will operate from the General Fund, and we cannot receive designated gifts for it.

Who will be recipient?
  1. Someone whom we can feel good about entrusting a blessing.
  2. Someone whom will be truly helped.
  3. People from different segments of the church family. This will require us to be asking people in different circles. We typically want to keep this in the church family, but can consider connections through Hoover, or other areas (but these would be the exceptions).
  4. If the 220 Center needs extra funds to boost how they are helping a multitude of families in a given month or if there is someone who they are aware has a special need.

To learn more about Giving at Highland Park Christian Church, click this link.