Be Bound in Unity

Nov 22, 2020    Brian Jennings    When Your World Gets Ripped Away (lessons from Ezekiel)

Be bound in unity for God's glory (Ez. 37:15-28)

When has the unity of others attracted you? When has the disunity of others propelled you?

Can you recall an overview of history for the Israelites that sets the stage for Ezekiel 37?
-Gen-Judges (Abraham, Moses, the Judges)
-The Kings: Saul, David, Solomon
-Then the nation splits into Northern & Southern
-Generations of fighting each other, sinning against God, and being conquered by others
-God promises that He will restore them

Read Ezekiel 37:15-28.
What is the illustration of the 2 pieces of wood?

What is significant about God writing "Israel" on both?

Discuss the following 2 quotes:

Jonathan Leeman writes:
“Is it possible any of the unity we feel as a church comes not from the gospel but from our shared partisan convictions? In other words, is there room in our church both for Matthew the tax collector (can work with Rome) and Simon the Zealot (can't work with Rome) to follow Jesus?”

-John Perkins, One Blood
"The problem of reconciliation in our country and in our churches is much too big to be wrestled to the ground by plans that begin in the minds of men. This is a God-sized problem. It is one that only the Church, through the power of the Holy Spirit, can heal. It requires the quality of love that only our Savior can provide."

How can you contribute to the unity of the church?
What difference will this make?
How does God view our unity? What's His perspective?

Pray what Jesus did in John 17. Note the themes of unity.