O Come All Ye Faithful

Dec 20, 2020    Brian Jennings    Songs of Christmas

Week 3 of 4
O Come All Ye Faithful
Love (Matthew 2:14-20)
Brian Jennings; 12/20/20

Adoration is a response to love.

What is a way that you adore Jesus?

What’s the worst news Herod could possibly imagine?

Matthew 2:1-3 (14-15)

We don’t know much about the Magi. They traveled a great distance. Not weeks; but months or years.

It’s worth it. Jesus is King; O Come Let Us Adore Him.

Matthew 2:4-8 (16-18)

God so often uses the least of these, the weak, the vulnerable, the outcasts, the humble, the no-named, the unexpected.

Whom has God used that surprised you? What did you learn through this?

Matthew 2:9-12 (19-20)

What kind of king were the Magi expecting to meet?

3 gifts.

Gold – for a king

Frankincense – sacrificial

Myrrh – medicine for suffering; also for burial

An angel warns Joseph in a dream. They got up in the middle of the night, and fled to Egypt.

How would an experience like this shape your perspective?

Learning from the Magi

Adore the King – no matter the cost, without delay.
Go with community.
Worship Jesus, not your expectations.

When Jesus is different than you once thought, change your thoughts.  (23)
When life doesn’t go as planned, conform your plans.
When earthly kings seduce you to worship them, commit to worshiping Jesus.

Jesus adores you.