Jan 31, 2021    Brian Jennings    The Deeply Formed Life

Review: -We join God’s mission.

-We Sabbath in God’s presence.

-We seek God’s wisdom.

-We invite God to change us.

“Sooner or later, the stuff we ignore will explode when we least expect it.” (Rich Villodas)

James 1:13-25

The word for “transfigured” in the original Greek New Testament was metamorphoo (meh tah mor PHAW oh). It is from this same word that we get the word “metamorphosis,” a complete change of form such as from a caterpillar to a butterfly. It's used to describe Jesus on "The Mount of Transfiguration." It's only used two other times - and both times are about how God can change you! (See Romans 12:2 and II Cor. 3:7-28.)

Let's review today's sermon:

1. Sin leads to death.

So kill the monster while it’s small.

2. Repentance Begins With Quiet Attentiveness.

So be still and pay attention to God.

3. God brings the hammer.

So invite God to change you.

Discussion Questions:

In what three-year period of your life did you make the most changes? What was it like? What prompted those changes?
Share a time when you saw someone who needed to change but just couldn’t. (Note: no need to use names.)
Which of these four resources do you need to increase in your routine to increase your chances to make a positive change: Scripture & Silence, Christian Music, Service, Fellowship?
Review Romans 12:2.
Bonus: Does anyone need to make a change that you would be willing to share with the group to hold you accountable or support you with practically?